Never tangoed?

Take the step into de dance!

Tango is both a dance and a music which comes from a mix of African and South American rhythms. Initially it was a festive music celebrated in the streets and in the Boca (mythical port of Buenos Aires), but Tango introduces itself thereafter in the brothels, high places for political and cultural discussions. In this context the bandoneon, originally a liturgical music instrument created in Germany, travels to Buenos Aires to be part of the rhythms of the melodies played in the brothels. From there, Tango becomes more nostalgic and melancholic as the dance also evolves according to the music and the current fashion, keeping the idea of the abrazo (the embrace), which becomes the essence of Tango.


“Listening” to your partner body, feeling the music, walking in perfect harmony with the other… that is the way Tango invites you to dance. This fascinating dance gives priority to an intuitive relationship, before any technical mastery.


The Montreal International Tango Festival is open to everybody, beginners who never have set foot on a milonga (Spanish name for places where people dance Tango) dance floor included. Special classes are designed for beginners who yearn to discover this dance. Your teachers Elyse Dagesse and Gerardo Sanchez will introduce you to the fundamentals of Tango, during a class taken a la carte or an intensive 5 class course. If you already have a partner, do not hesitate to register and if you’re alone, our team will be glad to find you someone to dance with you.


Dear tango rookies, do not hesitate furthermore to take the step and join the festival, you will be surprised by what you will get to know about yourself and about the world of Argentine Tango.

Schedule of classes